Examples of Racial & Social Equity in Employment

The haves & The have-nots

The government was not to be trusted. Those politicians never keep their word once elected. Those politicians are so out of touch with the real world. In other words, they are the one-percenters who have no clue how the "real" people live. The working class. This is the rederic I have heard in the diners, coffee shops, barbershops, and little shops all over America.


The new government is claiming "transparency". You have to give them credit for trying. The fact they admit changes need to be made to their reputation. For America to trust their government. To want our ideas is a novelty, leave alone believe it.

Actions speak louder than words; To know where you stand in life. It is everywhere from public school to private. The cars we drive, the houses we live in, even the clothes we wear. All telltale signs of our status in society. Social equality?

The American dream is alive and well in the burbs and boughs of the United States. To evolve, to grow, making oneself better at being a human being. No judging from either side.

School, starts with learning. Growing up learning how to. Teaching both sides. Teach all sides of looking at things. With one common goal. To make our society better for all. Teaching both sides there is a better way of life. That all are equal. That when we evolved knowing life is better when we work together. Learn from birth, at school, and in society. The American dream is achievable for all.

When our government evolves, society will follow.


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