Reaching Jobseekers and Employees with Disabilities in Underserved Communities

Make monthly earnings limit regionally based

The monthly earnings limit for disabled people needs to be tied to the minimum wage in their city and/or state. My child was kicked off disability benefits for working almost full-time in a minimum wage job. Their pay was 50 cents over minimum wage, but they still made too much money.

That's because the minimum wage in Seattle is $16.69 per hour. Now they can't work more than 8 hours per week or they go above the monthly wage limit. And no employer wants to hire someone who only works 8 hours per week. At the moment they are unemployed and waiting to hear if they can get their disability benefits back.

The Federal government has regional reporting for several types of pay data. Stop making it impossible for disabled people to work. Make the monthly earnings limit related to the local minimum wage.


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