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Jobs and training Amazon effect

I think when looking at all jobs the problem is Gen Z and some Millennials just do not have any experience especially when it comes to many industrial industries! Things like wood and metal shop are not taught in many schools. The employers have to come to the employees with a no experience to hire them by offering them a comprehensive in house training option. These Gen Z individuals live on the cell phone. They are not going to take an initiative to come to employers face to face. These individuals bring parents to job interviews.

I think this is the disconnect. The moving and warehouse jobs are just lifting and moving things. I see most of these unemployed workers do no have any relevant experience so they are just not applying. They can lift stuff at Amazon and potentially get a good paying tech job in the future via an in house Amazon training program in any career. Amazon does have an on the job cross over training program called Career Choice Program. Even if you do not want to work in fulfillment Amazon will allow you to learn Nursing and pay for it while you work in the warehouse. I am not aware other employers know this is happening? I see these job ads you speak about online in forums like Snag-a-Job and Zip Recruiter. A lot of them require experience 2-3 years minimum plus driving. Many Gen Z are Uber kids. They do not drive cars. Just facts Some require a forklift license? Gen Z what is a forklift? RF device experience? They do not have that either.

I agree the jobs are there, but these Gen Z workers do not have experience. Thus those with experience are likely getting paid really well and are not looking to leave unless they are paid extremely well. The main reason is there is a huge gap between $15 an hour and $23 an hour. Those who make $23 an hour and above guess wrong and leave a current employer, if the job does not work out, they might not ever see that $23 an hour wage again. This is especially true if over 40 years old.

The employers in my opinion have to understand there is a worker experience gap, and like I stated before, the starting pay floor is $15 due to retailers like Amazon, and Target making this pay entry level.

I guess the next study of the data is are these $25 an hour jobs hiring no experience workers stating we will train in the advertisement? Maybe start at $15 an hour with a clear path to $25 an hour in 12-15 months of certified training. I ask this because the most recent data by employees regarding the new American Jobs Plan list training as biggest issue with those unemployed and underemployed in America. The employees want to be trained. Especially those over 35 years old.

I think employers are in fantasyland, if they think they are going to hire for jobs with experienced workers (as I am sure you know even warehouses have been automated the past 24 months). The warehouse today is not your uncle's warehouse. Computers tell you where, when, how and why to go pick and place things. If you are not meeting those numbers the computer writes you up and fires you. That is Amazon at $15 an hour, The Gen Z employee must think a $23 an hour plus job is a nightmare in a warehouse or moving things. Remember there jobs are now timed to the second. Grub Hub, Uber, Amazon. There mind set needs to be changed. Those at age 40 and above need a wage like $23 an hour or above to survive. This is where the government needs to provide a $300 per week shift supplement which would just shift the unemployment benefit and not let those lose the benefit. The Department of labor and the White House ( I have spoke to the staff as well as the Senate majority Leader staff) Take the enhanced unemployment benefit and offer it to those making under $25 an hour as another $6000 annual or $500 monthly payable tax credit directly to the employee who has been on extended unemployment. This gets those back to work earning enough money to go into a service industry job and get training. This helps to fill jobs in the sector. This could be a perfect public-private partnership that I have suggested for the American Jobs plan as well.

I just think there is a huge disconnect and employers need to apply a human touch to go get these workers and bring them into the fold.


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