Examples of Racial & Social Equity in Employment

Establish a Chief Accessibility Officer of the United States

Designating a Chief Accessibility Officer is a best practice that many companies are starting to adopt and can help drive greater inclusion. The government itself could benefit from a designated officer responsible for coordinating disability inclusion and accessibility internal to the federal workforce.

Such a position has already been articulated in this Dialogue already, however, such a position could be a crucial piece of advancing equity within the Federal government itself. Accessibility means so much more than just improving websites for screen reader software. It means a serious commitment to looking at ways of improving programmatic accessibility across the entire suite of programs that directly impact millions of people with disabilities, especially those of intersectional identities and from marginalized communities that have increased barriers to accessing government services. Taking a "Whole-Of-Government" approach to improving accessibility needs to be part of the Administration's ambitious racial equity and social justice agenda.


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