Providing Assistance to Employers, Workers, and Other Stakeholders

Equity Webinars that Connect Disability History, Civil Rights

Addressing equity issues and racial justice in the context of workforce development, is critically important, yet many professionals do not know where to begin to where to begin their education on equity issues. For our organization, it begins as part of the onboarding process for new interns and staff. For example, new hires are assigned as a extensive reading list to provide them a foundational understanding of racial equity, intersectionality, and social justice issues:

Such training is the necessary, but insufficient starting point for embracing an equity agenda in an organization's efforts. Further training and materials are needed to really turn talk into practice. Our organization hosted a lengthy series of accessibility and equity webinars back in 2019 to help non-profit leaders begin their journeys. Those webinar can be found here:

Lastly, in the wider non-profit space, BoardSource, Nonprofit Quarterly, National Council of Nonprofits, Fakequity, and Nonprofit AF have an extensive catalog of materials for organizations struggling to implement equity-based organizational and cultural changes. More resources here:


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