Examples of Racial & Social Equity in Employment

Equity Resources from Workforce Development Organizations

Addressing equity issues and racial justice in the context of workforce development, is beyond the scope of many programs, projects, and organizations. However, there are some great resources to help your group get started talking about equity issues in your work. Back in 2019, the National Skills Coalition released The Roadmap for Racial Equity: An imperative for workforce advocates. This roadmap is a thorough report looking at "the racial and ethnic disparities in educational attainment and access; systemic barriers to equitable workforce training and quality employment; and why advancing equity is an economic and moral imperative." It is a great report and well worth your time.

Likewise, the researchers and advocates at the Center for American Progress have put together a policy document called A Design for Workforce Equity Workforce Redesign for Quality Training and Employment. This report looks at the direct benefits to job quality and competitiveness from embracing an equity agenda in workforce development.

Lastly, for non-profit leaders, the National Council of Non-Profits has put together some detailed ideas on diversity, inclusion, and equity from advocacy agendas to board recruitment. You can find an inventory of their equity resources here: https://www.councilofnonprofits.org/tools-resources/why-diversity-equity-and-inclusion-matter-nonprofits


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