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Early Intervention is Key With Mental Health Disability

I think it's now more important than ever to pivot the narrative on mental health and the workplace. Mental illness is a progressive disease, and one in which early intervention can go a long way in not only helping employees lead more fulfilling/productive lives, but could potentially reduce the number of individuals who ultimately become disabled. In my experience, the (limited) availability of mental health services in the workplace was seen as a "once and done" issue, beginning and ending with a call to a "counselor" to discuss my level of stress, etc. I do appreciate the effort put forth, but I think there is also much work to be done in removing the stigma around these issues and allowing employees to lead more fulfilling/productive lives. Programs such as a mental health day allotment, referral service to qualified mental health professionals, services to coordinate between a company's "health and wellness" offerings (including mental health) and the employees' health insurance, would not only foster an environment of early intervention, but could also lay the groundwork for long-term treatment and healing.


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