Reaching Jobseekers and Employees with Disabilities in Underserved Communities

Develop and Distribute Local Resources Guides

While RespectAbility is a national, non-partisan organization, since 2017 we have worked extensively in communities from coast to coast. When interfacing with local organizations working to meet local disability, workforce, and community needs, we have consistently found that local people with disabilities often do not know where to look for supports or services. Whether we are talking about under-resourced neighborhoods in the wider Los Angeles metropolitan area or impoverished boroughs of New York City, people with disabilities and those working in that community often do not know about the wider network of workforce development programs, non-profit agencies, or services they are eligible to access. As such, our organization has devoted much time and many resources to cataloging pathways for people with disabilities to overcome barriers to their employment success.

These have taken form as locally and nationally focused resources including :

The Long Beach Disability Community Resource Guide:

Finding a Job as a Person With a Disability in Los Angeles - LA Jobs Guide:

Virtual Education & Students With Disabilities Resource Guide:

People with Disabilities at Work – A Resource Guide to Achieving Economic Independence and Inclusion through Employment and Entrepreneurship:

Recursos En Español:

These free digital documents provide practical advice and can easily be printed out to share with those who may be experiencing technological barriers in their job search. By ensuring that people with disabilities have the tools to navigate the system and meet their individual needs, we can improve outcomes. Further, each of these resources was developed after inventorying local needs through extensive community outreach and were developed in close cooperation with self-advocate led organizations. Together, we think they offer yet another tool in the equity toolbox.


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