Providing Assistance to Employers, Workers, and Other Stakeholders

By verifying grants the stakeholders have sayso

So I live in very low income housing and the H/A revives grant money from hud for our community,but they do not provide the stakeholders to even have say so.ive been elected 3 times to our resident council each time they have never provided the Supportive services we are intiltle to.and they right contract that now they get their sec 3 workers from a job connect thru the unemployment office instead of low income residents,they take the grant money n train their employees to take from partidapants .never was I paid david bacon wages on any of the numerous jobs I worked thru sec 3.and now I've noticed when they pull their grants the municipality is pulling them not the snvrha and not sure y that is, but the partidapants are not prospering the h/A employees are,I would suggest that further research to verify like contacting the sec 3 workers or stake holders instead of a self grading score card th H/A fills out them selfs and that legal help to these community that they repeatedly keep us ifrom well as the employees righting these contracts should loose their jobs n pensions.


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