Examples of Racial & Social Equity in Employment


When organizations make big claims that their work is inviting and welcoming people who are differently abled. then once the workers are there it becomes passive aggressive behavior to insist that they must work any and all hours the organization demands. It becomes slave labor at or below minimum wages. It also takes on behaviors of covert threats. For example: "we need you to work longer today" however. "longer" is never defined. Employees are expected to work 10, 12 and 14 hr days, everyday. No days off. Since they are still paid overtime and they signed a document when hired that stated they "must" be available to work, employees are caught in the catch 22. The company policy of "being available" is being abused to mean everyday. Employees are fored to work 6 to 7 days a week for 2 to 3 weeks. Then a small break will be given to mask the appearance of being abusive.

Retaliation appears in the form of removing someone from a particular duty because they could not abandon their family obligations on their day off to go back to work with than 24 hrs notice.

This type of behavior by well meaning organizations must stop.

Just because organizations are claiming to provide accommodations, they are doing so in a damaging, covert manner.

An Accommodation is not just giving someone a piece of paper to read and reread and reread again. It is to match where that INDIVIDUAL is at. If that means using the telephone and guiding them through a process or making an ASL Interpreter available or in person retraining with a job coach, then it should be done. Without retaliation, without hesitation, and without the inconvenience posturing. This ought to become the norm not a deviation from a so called norm that excluded millions of INDIVIDUALS from gaining meaningful and equitable employment.


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